The Devil Rides Piggy Back

Christian Thriller

The True Life Story of One Young Minister Who Learns There’s Something More Sinister That Awaits Him!
Coming Halloween 2015!

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There’s a Battle Raging

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The Devil Rides Piggy Back Trailer

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Satan and His Minions

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You’re Just One Person

I’m so sick of hearing people tearing each other down just because one is jealous over the other. This is cruel and unfair! All my life, I’ve been the type of person to set my mind to something, and I chase it until it happens. Is this popular with those in my life? Absolutely not! I’ve faced more heat from my friends because of the goals I set for myself then probably my family. For the most part, my family in the whole has been supportive. Let me just say, Martin Luther King Jr. was one man. Jesus Christ was one man. Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, William Tyndale, and I could go on and on. These were all just one person who had and dream to make a difference, and they did!

I have been told multiple times to sit down and shut up because I would never amount to anything in this life. At one point, my father even said this to me, but I didn’t throw a pity party and go looking for attention. All these people, unknowingly to them, were empowering me for the future! I can clearly see that today I am someone, who I never thought I would be. No, I’m not exactly where I want to be just yet, but I’m getting there!

Perhaps, you’ve been through some of this same junk in your life. The fact is, yes, you may be just one person. However, if you have a passion to achieve a goal or make a difference, then never give up!

The truth is, You are just ONE person, but if you’re a Christian, then you’re empowered by the ONE Jehovah God!

Go Infect Your World!

Dream To Achieve!

Dream To Achieve all your hopes and dreams!

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You’ll Rise To Sail Again!

As I have battled the devil in my life, many who know me personally have seen how hard I have been hit, especially over the past three years. One day, in the midst of my despair, I heard the sweetest words come into my ears. It completely washed away all my fears. Tears in my eyes did no more remain. I couldn’t restrain the joy I felt inside. All I wanted to do was hide these words on peace deep down inside.

When the water starts to rise, and the storm rages on

He’ll not let you drowned in the flood.

Hold on to faith and ride out the storm.

Now matter how high the waves,

You’ll rise to sail again.

There’s a calm breeze blowing

And the sun always shines.

Just hold on to Jesus, and let your light shine.

My friend, I know, lately, you’ve been facing a storm.

But today, I spoke to the Master of the wind on your behalf.

He said, He’s about to place you back on dry ground!

Copyright Nate Fortner 2014

You'll Rise To Sail Again!

You’ll Rise To Sail Again!

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My Dad Killed Him

I’m not sure how old I was at the time, but I was young when I witnessed my first murder. I don’t think I was even a teenager yet when I saw my dad kill a man in a back alley of Huntington, West Virginia. Now before your mind has time to start wondering, we were minding our own business. It was my dad driving, my Uncle sitting in the front passenger seat, and I was sitting in the back seat eating my ice cream. A rather tall shirtless bloody man came walking up beside our car pushing a bicycle. He looked at my dad and demanded, “Get out of the car!” “Huh?” my dad replied. “I said get out of the car!” the man yelled. My Uncle had a 6 pack of Natural Ice Beer in the floor board, so my dad asked the man if he’d like a beer, thinking it might keep him walking. The guy seemed to look quite disgusted with my dad’s actions, so this guy grabbed through the car window pulling my dad out the window of the car, and punched him in the face. “Harry Lee, he just hit me!” Yelled my dad. “He just hit me” he said again. The guy walked back over to the car, leaned over and looking into my window asked me, “Are they bothering you?” Completely speechless and scared after seeing him punch my dad, I just shook my head no. My dad yelled at him saying “He’s my son!” “No we’re not hurting him!” my dad screamed. At that point, I saw my dad do just about every karate move he knew on this guy, and he just wouldn’t stay down. Then, the man picked up a giant rock and threw it at my dad. Thankfully, he missed, but my dad didn’t! He picked up that huge rock and tenderized that man’s face like it was a piece of meat ready to be cooked.

I saw my dad and this man fight for what seemed like an eternity. My Uncle and I stayed in the car watching, since there wasn’t much either one of us could do. My Uncle was disabled, and I was a kid. We both sat there watching in awe. My dad yelled for my Uncle to start the car, and just start driving. As we were pulling out from under the bridge, where all this was taking place, I saw my dad grab a sledge hammer that was leaning upon the side of a camper parked in the street, and started swinging it at this giant of a man. I can’t remember if my dad hit him with it or not because at that time, three guys that over heard the commotion, came running outside, as my Uncle was driving us away. The three guys convinced my dad that he didn’t want to hurt anyone, and that he should give them the sledge hammer. Well, that was a huge mistake! Turned out that these guys were friends with the guy who was trying to hurt my dad. Once my dad turned over the sledge hammer, that guy started swinging it at my dad. At that point, my dad tore out running, even passing us in the car screaming “drive, drive!” The next thing I saw was that sledge hammer flying through the air coming right straight at me. The guy chasing my dad on foot had thrown the sledge hammer at the car. I yelled at my Uncle, who I called River Rat, who was driving, “Hurry, the sledge hammer is going to land on the car!”

We weren’t too far from where my grandma Margaret was staying when this happened. She was living in town taking care of a woman named Thelma at the time. My dad ran to her house, ran in the yard screaming for my grandma to go in the house and get the gun. While she was headed inside, the man chasing my dad finally made it to the fence where my dad dared him to come inside the fence if he wanted to get shot! My dad ended up getting arrested that day for murder. The man in the alley was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Of course, you know he didn’t die. The EMT’s continued working with him until they got a heart beat. If I’m not mistaken, my dad was in jail for a total of about three hours. He was there, of course, long enough to nearly get into another fight. All over a cookie. Lol He said one of the other inmates wanted his chocolate chip cookie, and my dad said he wasn’t about to let that guy eat his cookie. He said he picked it up and just ate it in front of him. That’s funny no matter who you are!

I wonder sometimes, what if that guy had gotten a hold of me? What type of evil would he have done to me? Would I be the same person I am today? Would I even be alive? Again, I see the hand of God protecting me all throughout my life.

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