A Bride Adorned For Her King!

My mind can’t even begin to fathom what my grandma Margaret got to see as she prepared to leave for eternity; lying there in bed anxiously knowing that she was leaving. She knew her time had arrived. It was now her turn to go to heaven. I can just imagine the events of that glorious morning. I envision in my mind my grandma Margaret lying in her bed facing the back windows of her room. Even though she’s totally unaware, but the angels have begun to surround her. What an extraordinary and dazzling site to see as heaven was meeting earth right there in my grandma’s bedroom. The angels were so magnificent in appearance. Radiant beams of heavenly lights and colors like we’ve never seen filled her room. There was so much pure white and crystal clear gold so much that it appeared transparent. Never before had I seen such a splendid site. The room was filled with such enchantment as I looked upon the angels and the very glory of their wings. Fluffy white with threads of fine gold weaved throughout the lining of their wings. As the glory of heaven entered her room, I could see my grandma Margaret was literally breathing the tangible manifest glory of God. Each breath she took, I could see the glory being inhaled and exhaled from her body. Her body, though she continued to lie there, I believe her spirit was uncontrollable as she knew within herself that something so much more exhilarating than anything else in her life was taking place at that very moment. After 76 years of life, she was getting ready to be rewarded. She was about to finally enter the true presence of God Almighty! She would soon see Jesus Himself! The spotless lamb! Her Savior! Her Messiah! Face to face with the King! She would finally see the One whom she had given herself to so many years earlier. As she lay there taking her last few precious breaths of life, she began to hear the sound of excellent singing like she had never heard before. As she opened her eyes to see where the fabulous sound was coming from, she could only see the bright white and gold glory that filled her room. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness, the figures in her room began to become clear to her. For the first time in her life, my grandma Margaret got to see her angels. Standing all around her bed in their dashing glory, she was breathless at the scene unfolding in her presence. Then as she was so filled with untold amounts of joy and peace by what she was witnessing, the scent of Lily of the Valley and that of the Rose of Sharon began to enter her nostrils. What she saw next was an experience like never before in all her existence! She knew this day would come and that it was near, but it was here! Today! Right now! Jesus appeared in my Grandma Margaret’s room! I can see her in my mind smiling great big and speechless as she laid her eyes upon Jesus! He was so full of love and compassion. Never before had she ever known or felt such passionate love. Then Jesus reached out and took her by the hand and said, “Margaret, your mansion is ready! I love you and I have a special place prepared for you in my Father’s house! He can’t wait to see you!” Then like a bride adorned for her groom, my grandma was arrayed in such splendorous, heart-stopping, breathtaking beauty as she walked with Jesus straight into heavens great and glorious city!  

The Love of My Life!

My Grandma Margaret taught me my first bedtime prayer!





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I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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2 Responses to A Bride Adorned For Her King!

  1. samantha fortner says:

    This was very good and in very good detail. I loved it.

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