The City Wasn’t Coming Under Attack, I Was!

I may not be able to speak in tongues like the Church of God Denomination requires of me to be licensed as a minister, but God does allow me to see things in my dreams. Let me tell you of one real quick. Without warning at early a.m. I was suddenly awaken by a jolt in my body. I nearly fell off of my new gray couch and into the floor. At a moments notice I began crying hysterically and uncontrollably. Being a grow man waking up crying from a dream was a little strange for me. It had never happened to me before that I could recall. I immediately started praying for God to give me understanding. I knew it was some type of warning with this dream, but I didn’t know what! I began praying for a hedge of protection to completely cover the city of Albertville, Alabama where I was living at the time since that was where the devastation took place in my dream. Untold amounts of damage was all I could see. It looked like a bomb had went off, but it wasn’t that. I just couldn’t figure out how what I saw in my dream had caused so much disaster. My initial thought was a terrorist attack, but then how would they have acquired the equipment needed to pull it off since the only ones that remain are most likely in museums and probably don’t work anymore.  My mind was racing, but I managed to pray harder and I tried to control my tears as they flowed from my face. What was this dream telling me? What did it mean? Was God really trying to warn me of a terrorist attack against our city? Why was this dream so descriptive? My parents even showed up in the dream. However, my sister was nowhere around. I was perplexed by my dream, yet I remembered every little detail! It was such an alarming dream that I couldn’t go back to sleep for what seemed like an eternity. What scoundrel could even devise such an evil plot? For the following weeks and months to come I was so paranoid that anytime I heard the noise that resembled that of which I heard in my dream, I would nearly hit the deck and go into a panic attack! This dream which I had come to understand as a prophetic dream from God Himself literally changed my life. I’ll never be the same! A few weeks before this dream, I had started up a new business called Whosoever Press. It’s a small Christian publishing company. Around about the same time I realized there was a particular guy in my Church who was very talented and could be beneficial to my company.   I ended up scheduling a time for us to have a meeting. After this guys very first statement, I  immediately knew this wasn’t going to work and I went into an nine month depression that nearly took me out! Why a depression? Did the guy have that much power to take me down that hard? NO! I had just overcome a huge battle in my life, and for the first time I was unafraid. I soon realized that I had only won the battle against the enemy, but with this meeting, I lost the war! Then I remembered what Dr. Mike Murdock had said while he was preaching on TV just days earlier! “When God wants to protect you, He removes a person from your life.” Well I realized God had been protecting me all along before I offered the man a job because we hardly ever spoke to each other before I offered him the job! As the weeks went by, I then began to understood the interpretation of the prophetic dream God had given me! The city wasn’t coming under attack, I was!


About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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