Spending Too Much Time With Satan!

I have a friend who claims to be a ghost hunter here in Alabama. He’s a great guy and an awesome friend so this is not an attempt in any way to disrespect him. We just happen to believe a little different when it comes to the issue of a house being haunted by the spirit of a deceased person who has unfinished business to tend too. On multiple occasions my friend, who we’ll call Mark, for the sake of conversation would ask many to join him on a ghost hunt. Of course being a minister in the Church I said absolutely not! The Bible warns Christians to stay away from such activity. As life began to happen, many changes took place over the next couple of years. These changes led to my friend Mark and I to not speaking with each other on a daily basis anymore. Yes, we were still friends, but we just didn’t get to see each other as often.

I had just moved into a new house in Albertville, Alabama and I was on my own for the first time. It was the thrill of my life! My own place! It was so exciting that I was having cookouts, parties, and friends over all the time! However, I just didn’t realize what was ahead of me! I was about to embarked on a two year life altering experienced followed by a 10 month depression that would lead to a paranormal visitation in my new home!

It was the Summer of 2012, and I had just published my first book a few months earlier titled “Teaching Christians To Pray The Bible Way.” It was the single most exhilarating time of my life! One of my childhood dreams had finally been achieved. I went on a four state book tour that took me from Alabama to North Carolina, Ohio, and eventually back to my home state of West Virginia. After I made it back to Alabama, I was on a high like I had never experienced before! It was such an amazing feeling when people would show up to a book signing just to tell me they read in the local paper that I was coming to town. As August 2012 rolled around, I had a prophetic dream that our city was going to be coming under attack. What I didn’t know was that I was the one coming under attack, not the city! As time went on and I began to come under all the attack, I began to falter a little in the faith I had in my Church. The message I was receiving was that the members of my Church were against me. I even had a couple people in the church try to tell me I wasn’t welcome there anymore! I began distancing myself from the Church, but I would still get unwanted messages and phones calls from certain people in the church harassing me. While all this was going on in my life, my family began falling apart back at home in West Virginia. Fighting, arguing, false accusations, and anything that could go wrong did! I simply wanted out! I didn’t want to hurt anymore. I was ready to completely quit! When I got to this point, I began to notice strange things start to happen in my home. Little things at first, then more nightmares, and so on. One night I was even awakened to the presence of evil breathing over me while I was sleeping in my bed. A demon had manifested itself at the head of my bed. My mind was under such attack that I had become full of fear, and I soon figured out that there were many evil spirits in that house. I didn’t want to go to work, Church, or even be around my  family. I just wanted to be alone in my dark house. Even my fellow co-workers began to ask me if I was okay? Suddenly I became infatuated with the idea of demons and I would buy every book I could to figure out how they operated. However, the more I focused on how to rid myself of the demons, the more they showed up! Then the house became totally infested with mice. I caught seventeen in two days. I was eventually forced to move from the house after coming home and finding rodent body parts all over the house. It looked like a serial killer rat was on the loose! A few month later, I was telling my friend Mark about the mice in the house and how they were taking over. Now keep in mind here, he had no idea of the attack I had been going though or the evil spirits showing up in my home. When I told him of the mice and how I was finding body parts, he immediately said in a confident whisper, “Nate, an infestation is a sign of spirits in the house!”  Although all this attack was hitting me, I kept going to church and praying for a miracle. After coming home from my very first book signing, I found one of my dogs nearly dead in the dog pin. I took her to the Vet, but I eventually had to have her put down. I knew even though I thought everyone and everything had turned against me that, Jesus was still with me! Crazy as it is, I also found out that the initial attack on me was because of my book! One word sums it up right here; jealousy! I realized that even in my depression from the attack I was going through, that I had been focusing so much of my time on trying to figure out why I was being attacked so bad that I had accidentally forgot and left Jesus at Church. In other words, I forgot that I already had the power within me to defeat this enemy! The Holy Spirit reminded me, “Nate, Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world!” I began quoting scriptures like crazy everyday. I had to show the devil I wasn’t playing with him anymore! I remembered who I was in Jesus! A child of the One True Living God! I had royal blood flowing through my veins and I showed the devil that he was a royal pain! The lesson I learned was this! Even though I was in a season of attack, I had focused all my attention on the attacker instead of the deliverer and I was nearly destroyed, but when I set my mind on Jesus the demons of Hell had to flee! I had been spending too much time with the devil! No wonder I couldn’t get free! By focusing on Satan instead of Jesus, he made himself at home in my home! 

I’ve recently been reading “Exposing Satan’s Playbook” by Perry Stone. On pages 152-153 in his book, he speaks how he had become interested in the subject of demons as a young teenager. He also learned real quick too that when we focus more attention on the devil then on Jesus who’s going to show up! However, in the book Perry reveals that when his mother became concerned for him she went to someone who could speak to Perry. This wise gentleman told Perry, “As long as you concentrate on demons, they will show up. If you preach and concentrate on Jesus, then He will show up!” Perry Stone says in his book and I quote “I realized I was giving the adversary too much attention, and he was accommodating my interest.” Perry then continues in the book to tell how when he focused on Jesus that the demon manifestations began to go away.

It is possible for us to get sidetracked when bad things take place in our lives. I can honestly say that the past two years of my life have been a literal living Hell, but I’m still here and God has a plan for me and my life! I’ve recently been delivered from the 10 month depression, and my family is slowly but surely coming back together. I experienced a manifestation of the Holy Spirit last Sunday after Church when I experienced what I believe to be the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues after just one day when brother Lewis Smith prayed with me! You see, it is very important where we focus our attention! 

Who have you been spending time with lately? 


About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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