Bedtime Prayers With Grandma

When my sister Sandra and I were young, we would stay all night with our Grandma Margaret every weekend. All day long we would play with the neighbor kids, but at night we would look forward to bedtime prayers with Grandma. My Grandma Margaret taught us our very first prayer. She would say a line, than Sandra and I would repeat it after her. She always made sure we said our prayers before bed.“Now I lay me down to sleep upon this bed to rest. If I shall die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” This was our prayer every night. We would climb into the bed with mama, as we called her, every night for years as we were growing up. Many times then we didn’t think too much about it, but really my Grandma was leading us directly into the throne room of heaven where we would kneel at the feet of Jesus.

December 14, 2012 my Grandma Margaret went home to be with Jesus and oh, what I’d give for just one more time to crawl up in the bed next to her and repeat line for line that same bedtime prayer. Even though she’s gone on home, it’s still hard to speak of her now, but I know I’ll see her again one day.

Until I see her bright shinning face in heaven, I’ll just ask Jesus to say a prayer with mama for me until I get there. Then together again we’ll kneel at the feet of Jesus just like we used to during those bedtime prayers!



About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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