A Dream Within A Dream

My first seminar was over! This first huge event I scheduled as an author was finally over, and I for one was happy too! Happy because I sold a bunch of books? No, but it had went well and people got to see my heart. So as we were leaving I was walking with two others beside me. Then in the distance, I heard again the paralyzing sound of the Nazi German Fighter Planes! Scared stiff in my tracks and speechless, I slowly turned my head toward the west, and I saw the same five WWII enemy war craft planes coming in straight at us! I began to freak out hysterically telling the other two men with me that we needed to run and take cover because I had seen this in a dream! I was in such a panic trying to get these two moving because I knew one of these fighter planes was about to crash in the very spot we were standing. “Run!” I yelled. “I saw this is a dream, and you have to believe me!” I explained. “Those planes are about to crash and more are coming!” I screamed. Now crying and tears rolling down my cheeks, my friends had decided to believe me and kicked it into high gear across the parking lot. However, by this time it was too late! The planes were right on top of us. There was absolutely no where we could hide. Our lives had come to an end!

For a moment, it seemed that time had stood still, and every memory of my family back at home in West Virginia started racing through my mind. I knew I’d never see them again. I’d never tell my mom and dad that I loved them ever again! I’d never see my sister ever again! My life had come to this crazy end! Then as I raised my head expecting to be pulverized by the planes, they were gone! The Nazi German Fighter Planes had disappeared, and in their place were U.S. Fighter Jets hovering over the three of us. As the three of us stood there in amazement, the U.S. Fighter Jets began to descend from the sky landing in the parking lot of now a large air field. Then it was as though a feeling of peace and security had overtaken me. The fear was gone, and I felt that everything was going to be okay. 

“AHH!” I shouted as I jumped up nearly falling into the floor off of the couch. “Wow” I said out loud. “It was only a dream!” I said talking to myself. “When are these dreams going to stop?” I asked. “I can’t keep going on like this!” I thought to myself. After about five minutes resting and praying to God for an interpretation, I suddenly realized that this dream was so real that I literally thought I was awake! Now I know all of us have had dreams where we thought we were awake! This dream was just way too real! It was so real that in my dream, I referred to a previous dream. Remember when I told the two guys in the dream that I had saw the planes in a dream, and that we needed to run because they were going to crash?






About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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