And The Angels Cried

I got up early to leave Boaz and head out to Huntington, West Virginia on December 15, 2012. Just one day after my grandma Margaret had left to go home with Jesus. I started backing out of the drive way and a fine misty rain began to fall. Tears flooded my eyes when the thought entered my mind that the angels were crying over my families loss of my grandma. That was such a sweet thought that went with me all the way to West Virginia and back. Even now at times, I still remember the day the angels cried.

December 14th when my grandma passed away, there was another horrible disaster that happened that same day. In a town called Newtown, Connecticut, a young 20 year old Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and started shooting. Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 staff members. Before driving to the school, he shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. After he mutilated all those teachers and precious little children, the coward committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. My heart totally goes out to the families who lost their children that day! Just think! Brothers were stolen. Sisters were stolen. Sons, daughters, and little cousins were removed from this walk of life that day, and I’ll never forget it, because it’s the same day that my grandma Margaret left this world as well! It was such a devastating weekend for so many people in the United States.

I was so upset that God had taken my grandma from me that I wanted her back immediately! I wasn’t even joking, and I prayed fierce the whole way to West Virginia asking for a modern day resurrection in Jesus name! I was devastated and couldn’t hardly drive because I was so stressed. A few times, I had to stop on the side of the road to catch my breath and wipe the tears and slot from my face. It was along this eight hour drive alone to Huntington that Jesus spoke sweet words to my spirit. Then I saw a picture in my mind of Jesus standing just outside the pearly gates on top of the clouds, and my Grandma Margaret was with Him. What were they doing? Why weren’t they inside the pearly gates? What were they looking for? It was almost as if they were waiting on someone to arrive. What I saw next messed me up! I couldn’t see their faces because they were walking away from me toward Jesus and mama. I saw multiple little children walking toward Jesus! I saw this in my spirit! Then from out of no where, the thought popped into my mind that I needed to let her go! Nate, let your grandma go! She’s here with me, and she’s needed! Then even though it still hurt, I told God, if you need my grandma, it’s okay! I’ll let her go! I guess heaven was needing another grandma for all those little children, and this time it just happened to be mine!



About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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