I’ve Not Given You A Spirit of Fear!

Have you ever tried to do something great, and then it just blows up in your face? Yeah, me too! As I’ve mentioned previously, I wrote a book a few years back called “Teaching Christians To Pray The Bible Way.” As I went through the publishing process, I was so excited! I couldn’t even hardly sit still. I had always wanted to write a book, but didn’t know the steps to take to get it published. I used my favorite search engine YouTube to help me to understand how the publishing industry worked. I researched for months and months as I was writing my book. Then the point had come that the book was almost finished, and so I really needed a Publisher.

I kept searching on Google and just about any place I could to find a Publisher. So the day came when I knew I had found the right company to represent my book! It was a well known Christian Publishing company! If I told you the name of the company, you would automatically know who it is that I went with. Needless to say, $3,000.00 later, I was very unhappy! As a matter of fact, not only was I furious, but I was hurt at the same time. I had people who had prepaid for my book to help me cover the cost of the book. Some people didn’t believe I was actually writing a book, or had even found a Publisher interested in anything I had written.  

Once my book came out, I was happy and very proud of myself. I had achieved one of my dreams, and it was exhilarating! I couldn’t wait for people to see what I had accomplished. Nearly 60 books had been distributed within two weeks, and by now I was receiving calls on my phone from those who had bought my book. They would say “Nate, we love your book, but….” The but consisted of errors, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and so on. My perfect little book was well received, but the final quality of the product was awful!

To make things worse, I knew I needed to do a Press Release with the local newspaper. I was terrified to even drive past the local newspaper company. Now this is where you’ll learn something personal about Nate Fortner. Amongst all the years of positive encouragement in my life by nearly everyone in my life, I have always feared success. It’s true! I don’t know why, but there’s always been something in me that has made me fearful of actually being successful. Weird? Tell me about it! One day after leaving from work, I was driving down the road when I passed the turn off for the newspaper company. You may think I’m totally crazy, but I’m convinced that God does care if we are successful. As I passed the turn off, I heard that still small voice say, “I’ve not given you a spirit of fear.” God already knew that I was stressing out over being rejected by the newspaper company. My thought was why would they ever want to promote a book that I attempted to write? “Lord, have mercy if they actually read all my mistakes.” I prayed. It was my understanding that my book was being edited by my Publisher, but I guess I was wrong.

I drove up the road continuing to completely ignore the Holy Spirit telling me to turn around for about 2 more minutes until His pulling became unbearable. I decided I would obey, and I turned around to go back. I carried a copy of my book with me and I walked through the front door of the newspaper company. Even though my knees were wobbly, and my throat dry from fear, I spoke up to the woman behind the counter and said, “Hello, I’d like to speak with someone about doing a press release please.”  “Sure, we can do that!” she said with a grin from ear to ear. “Let me see if I can get someone out here for you.” she said. Picking up her phone, she called to the back office and asked for a reporter to come up front. Then this man from the back walked up to the desk and saw me standing there, but before he could speak, the woman behind the counter said, “He wants to see about doing a press release.” The reporter looked at me throwing his hand out to shake mine and said, ” Hello, come right this way!”

When I walked out of that newspaper company that day, I was a changed man! I literally felt like a heavy block had been removed from around my neck. I felt free and unafraid! It felt good to feel that good! As I was walking to my truck, again I heard that still small voice and He said, “I’ve not given you a spirit of fear!” From that moment on, I felt invincible! I had the Holy Spirit on my side even if my book did have a bunch of errors! That made me feel not so uneasy anymore. I felt that I had done the right thing by going to the Reporter that day. To this day, I’ve never been that afraid of succeeding again. Then just a couple weeks later, my story ran in the local paper. My book ended up selling really well here in town. For me, fear was no longer an option!

As the months went by, I ended up starting my own Publishing Company called Whosoever Press. I wanted to be able to help people to not have the same bad experience that I had with my Publisher. I had no idea about being a Publisher, or any clue as how I would be better than the other Publisher. I just knew that I could provide better customer service and first hand experience! I had to learn to schedule my own book signings and everything! I did it all on my own! However,I did have the privilege of finding a local Author here in town who was willing to help me with some great advice! She was the very first author I ever got to talk to on the phone, and she was nice enough to speak with me for nearly 45 minutes to an hour while she was driving to one of her own events. That day, I not only spoke to an author, but I gained a mentor and a friend! Now my company represents over ten Authors! 

If you would like to own your very own autographed copy of my book “Teaching Christians To Pray The Bible Way” visit: www.WhosoeverPress.com


About natefortner

I Currently live in Boaz, Alabama where I'm actively engaged in ministry. I'm the owner of Whosoever Press Publishing company. I enjoy traveling and speaking to groups and churches of all sizes! These blog posts are all based on true events!!!
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