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Dancing In The Field

Then from out of nowhere, I saw the ground begin to move. The grass began to move about in the wind, and the dust of the ground was as though it was being kicked up by a stampede of horses. … Continue reading

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The City Wasn’t Coming Under Attack, I Was!

I may not be able to speak in tongues like the Church of God Denomination requires of me to be licensed as a minister, but God does allow me to see things in my dreams. Let me tell you of … Continue reading

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Steve Youngblood Prophesies over Nate!

Steve Youngblood prophesies over Nate Fortner at 1:30 in the morning during a Whosoever Outreach Service. Listen as Steve Prophesies that people won’t understand it when this ministry explodes! Just as my Pastor said he didn’t understand why I do … Continue reading

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A Lot Of People Are Going To Die Today!

September 10th, 2001 was a normal day like any other I had lived previously. I was a High School Sophomore dreaming of becoming a great musician and singer. I never knew that my life was about to change. I, in … Continue reading

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